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On Monday 18th April 2016, Dr Ron McLeod will lead a half day workshop on “Human Factors in Barrier Thinking”.

This workshop will illustrate, explore and discuss issues to do with the role of human performance as a control in layers-of-defences strategies.

The workshop will involve two parts. The first part will be a series of presentations by highly experienced CIEHF members summarising approaches to developing and implementing human barriers in industries including oil and gas, rail, patient safety and shipping.

Cheryl Mac 150Special guest Cheryl Mackenzie from the US Chemical Safety Board will share some of the CSB’s findings about the failure of human barriers in the Deepwater Horizon incident.

Ms Mackenzie has been an investigator with the CSB since 2004 and has been involved in numerous CSB incident investigations including the BP Texas City refinery explosion, the Macondo well blowout and the 2013 West Fertilizer Plan explosion, among others.

In the second part of the workshop, delegates will rotate through a series of facilitated discussion groups and attempt to reach a consensus view on key issues and how they should be managed.

Following the workshop, a paper will be prepared setting out CIEHF guidance and recommendations on managing the key issues identified.

The target audience for the workshop is wide ranging, including managers, operators, safety engineers, regulators, human factors/ergonomics specialists involved in industries with the potential for major incidents. These include oil and gas, rail, healthcare, water, nuclear, chemicals, shipping, mining, construction, etc.

The workshop will be restricted to 40 delegates who will each be expected to contribute to the activities. In the first instance, we are looking for expressions of interest and will be asking for brief details about your experience. If we have more interest than places, we will have to make a selection based on experience and spread of sectors. Those selected will be notified and will then need to book and pay for their place. The cost will be £65+VAT including lunch before the workshop.

The workshop will take place in the afternoon before the CIEHF’s Ergonomics & Human Factors 2016 begins at the same venue. For more details about the workshop, please email Ron Mcleod.

ron mcleod 150Ron Mcleod has been been a specialist in Human Factors for more than 30 years. Until early 2014 he held the position of Global Discipline Lead for Human Factors within Shell International. Ron now works as an independent consultant.

He has extensive knowledge and experience of

Human Factors in Projects
Human Factors and Process Safety
Fatigue Risk Management
Human Factors in Incidents – especially the cognitive factors that often lead to “human error”


Date & place

19 - 21 April 2016
Staverton Park, Daventry, Northamptonshire

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Join delegates from:

Institute of Occupational Medicine
Royal Air Force
Health and Safety Executive
Office of Rail and Road
Rail Safety and Standards Board
Greenstreet Berman
The Keil Centre
DCA Design
and many more