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Thomas Winski & Dr. Joanne Crawford (Institute of Occupational Medicine)

With the ageing of EU workforces, current policies are geared to increasing the participation and employment rates of workers over 50 years in the labour market. The needs, benefits and consequences of this process are being further stipulated in further EU policies. However, increasing the inclusion rates of older people in the labour market will only occur if individuals remain healthy enough to continue working. When examining recommendations relating to improving the rate of employment of older workers, maintaining and improving health and wellbeing is one of the key aspects.

There is however an argument that this should be a joint effort from the employees themselves as well as the employers or associated health support systems. While most EU countries have policies on healthy ageing, occasionally embedded into longer term strategies, these are often stand-alone regulations or policies which either lack the support of national or public health systems or fail to reach the target group. In that regard, the role of many occupational health professionals could be more pronounced especially against the backdrop of different cultural norms, legislative differences and age-driven health conditions across the EU. The e-capacit8 project aims to address some of these gaps by providing occupational health and safety professionals with web-based educational materials to aid their management and engagement with older employees.

At the current time there are a large number of people involved in occupational health and safety, and related work, which can be considered an unused resource of knowledgeable individuals who can mediate and understand the potential health consequences of ageing. A workshop will allow us to access that knowledge via group discussion to help inspect and validate the findings of the e-capacit8 project.

The purpose of this workshop is to evaluate our analysis of the national training and education curricula for OSH professionals and the ageing workforce.

Who is your intended audience?

OSH specialists, ergonomists, gerontologists, HR specialists, Ageing and Work SIG

What key skills, tools or knowledge do you want your participants to take away?

Participants should take away an understanding of the ageing workforce and how OSH professionals are (or are not) currently trained and educated. Furthermore, they will help to evaluate our analysis of the training and education curricula for OSH professionals.

What activities will you use to engage your participants and help them learn?

An initial short presentation designed to brief the participants on the project background and aims. This will be followed by discussions in small groups guided by some key questions, ending with a full group discussion to identify the main points identified during the workshop.

Date & place

19 - 21 April 2016
Staverton Park, Daventry, Northamptonshire

Organised by

Join delegates from:

Institute of Occupational Medicine
Royal Air Force
Health and Safety Executive
Office of Rail and Road
Rail Safety and Standards Board
Greenstreet Berman
The Keil Centre
DCA Design
and many more