Desert Island Papers: A retrospective view of classic Ergonomics and Human Factors papers

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Prof. Sarah Sharples, University of Nottingham
Dr. Steven Shorrock, EUROCONTROL
Dr. Patrick Waterson, Loughborough University
Dr. Claire Williams, Human Applications and University of Derby

Many of us have read and enjoyed classic ergonomics papers, that perhaps have informed our thinking as E/HF practitioners, or enthused us when we were first studying. The nature of work, and the discipline of E/HF has developed considerably over the past decades, and one of the goals of this workshop is for us to consider the relevance and value of some of the ‘classic’ E/HF papers in current and future E/HF research and practice. This could perhaps be nicknamed ‘Desert Island papers’ or ‘The paper that changed my life’.

What is the purpose of your workshop?

To celebrate some classic E/HF papers, through a series of short presentations which will provide an overview of their contributions, a critique of each paper from the perspective of the presenter, and a group discussion about the views of the panel and audience about the papers.

Who is your intended audience?

Students who wish to see a perspective on papers from those who have several years’ experience in research and practice; experienced practitioners who would like to revise and review their thoughts on papers that they might not have thought about much for the past few years; anyone who is interested in having a good and lively discussion about E/HF topics.

What key skills, tools or knowledge do you want your participants to take away?

A deeper understanding of the ‘classic’ papers; thoughts about the value of academic papers in future research and practice; a diversity of views on the specific topics of the papers. Audience members are also encouraged to bring along their own ‘desert island papers’ to contribute to the discussion.

The papers to be considered are:

Bainbridge, Lisanne. “Ironies of automation.” Automatica 19.6 (1983): 775-779.
Wilson, John R. “Whose attitudes to which aspects of work? or Cool media for high participation.” Work & Stress 1.4 (1987): 385-395.
Wilson, John R. “Fundamentals of ergonomics in theory and practice.” Applied ergonomics 31.6 (2000): 557-567.
Dempsey, P.G. “Effectiveness of ergonomics interventions to prevent musculoskeletal disorders: Beware of what you ask”. International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics 37 (2007) 169–173

Date & place

19 - 21 April 2016
Staverton Park, Daventry, Northamptonshire

Organised by

Join delegates from:

Institute of Occupational Medicine
Royal Air Force
Health and Safety Executive
Office of Rail and Road
Rail Safety and Standards Board
Greenstreet Berman
The Keil Centre
DCA Design
and many more