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Claire Williams 150Claire is an ergonomics specialist with twenty years of experience in occupational health and safety. At the moment her training, consultancy and research focus is on the behavioural aspects of health and safety performance.

Her recent work at Human Applications has specifically looked to address the absence of systems thinking in typical behavioural safety approaches and has tried to provide a bridge between the two. She is also a visiting Research Fellow in Human Factors and Behaviour Change at the University of Derby and is the other half of the co-editing team for Human Factors and Ergonomics in Practice (Ashgate, in prep).

Presentation title

Human Factors and Ergonomics in practice: Adapting to a messy world

Date & place

19 - 21 April 2016
Staverton Park, Daventry, Northamptonshire

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Join delegates from:

Institute of Occupational Medicine
Royal Air Force
Health and Safety Executive
Office of Rail and Road
Rail Safety and Standards Board
Greenstreet Berman
The Keil Centre
DCA Design
and many more