A Focus on Human Factors in Operational Safety for Airport Operations

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Janette Edmonds, The Keil Centre Limited

In the aftermath of the Texas City Refinery accident in 2005, Professor Andrew Hopkins made the remark that airlines don’t convince the travelling public of the safety of their operations by quoting low levels of lost time injuries of their ground staff. He went on to explain that one of the key themes emanating from the investigation was that the balance of focus in that industry at that time was too much on ‘personal’ safety to the detriment of ‘process’ safety, i.e. the slips, trips and falls type of injury were receiving more attention than the potential safety weaknesses that could lead to a major catastrophe.

It has been suggested, by a client of the Keil Centre who is the health and safety manager of an airport that in his experience there is a parallel issue for ground operations.

This workshop is about exploring the experience of ergonomists for this application to identify what type of work is being conducted and whether there is some truth in the argument that there is insufficient focus on operational safety in airport operations.

The workshop will seek to learn about relevant incidents for ground operations from the audiences experiences. A short discussion will be instigated about the tools and techniques used in other safety critical industries and whether these are relevant, partially relevant and / or whether additional work is required to develop the tools to resolve issues for this application.

The purpose is to explore and gain professional consensus on the scope and approach to resolving operational safety issues for airport operations.

Date & place

19 - 21 April 2016
Staverton Park, Daventry, Northamptonshire

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Join delegates from:

Institute of Occupational Medicine
Royal Air Force
Health and Safety Executive
Office of Rail and Road
Rail Safety and Standards Board
Greenstreet Berman
The Keil Centre
DCA Design
and many more